Memorial of Chukwuemeka Augustine ‘Gus’ Ibegbuna

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29 thoughts on “Memorial of Chukwuemeka Augustine ‘Gus’ Ibegbuna”

    1. Dr Chamberlain Agbada

      Gus, the sad news of your death shook the Nigerian community in Bradford. Your contributions to the NFS, NCAB, NANC and the Nigerian community in the United Kingdom were positively transformational. They remain unblemished as your legacy, and will continue to live in our hearts and memories!

      We’ll miss you and your charisma. We pray that God will comfort your family and friends, and give them the fortitude and strength to bear your loss.

      Adieu, Gus. Adieu!

      Dr Chamberlain Agbada,
      For: The Agbada family, Bradford, UK.

  1. May his soul rest in peace. We will all remember him. Gus was a man who had no ill feelings against any body, a patriotic man, a generous person. My condolence to his family.

  2. Great man and a leader. Thank you so much for impacting the world. Your legacy speaks for you.
    Rest in power.

    1. Mr Casimir Biriyok

      Gus, you were dedicated to our Nigerian community. May the good Lord accept you into his kingdom and we hope to meet in spirit when it is our time.

  3. I thank you for the interest you took in me, showing me the spirit of communal harmony amongst our communities. You were a champion in the Nigerian Community Association across UK. Your legacies for ever.
    Good night Oga Gus as I used to call you. I miss your Facebook daily messages.
    Condolences to the family, praying that God gives the family and Bradford Nigerian Communities the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

    Rest in peace sir.

    1. Kikelomo Erinle

      Gus, it was sad to see you go. Thanks for your friendship and laughter. Thanks for all your efforts in steering NCAB in a positive direction. Your dedication to the community at large was priceless. You hate injustices, fairness was your middle name. Rest in peace till we meet again.

  4. Ajiri Ayokunle

    Dear Sir,
    It’s a big void you have left behind, the pain of your irreparable loss is heavy in our hearts.
    Rest on, till we meet again to part no more.

    Sincerely yours,
    Ajiri Ayokunle
    Women’s Officer

  5. Dr Michael Enweluzor

    Gus, though you have left us, we cherish good memories of you in our community and Bradford at large. Till we meet again, Requiescat in pace.

  6. GI, you are surely missed. I pray for peace and comfort Shirley, Ruth, Kwame, Jade and the rest of the families left behind.


  7. Accept my heartfelt condolences , may God give you the strength to bear this irreparable loss.
    And may his soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the LORD. Amen.

  8. Heather Esiri

    We are forever grateful for your courage, care and unwavering commitment to the Nigerian Community in Bradford.Your endless energy and enthusiasm as NFS President engendered unity and friendship. You raised the profile of the organisation locally and nationally, through events and experiences which we’ll always remember with pride and joy.
    You are sadly missed by many, but your legacy lives on. Rest in peace Gus.
    Heather Esiri

  9. My main person, wow – so you’ve gone ahead of us (smiles). How are you enjoying the other side? Sorry I was not really as close as you would have liked. Thank you for those countless invitations and suggestions.
    My heart is filled with sorrow at your demise, the realisation that I’ll never see or hear your voice – this side of eternity. Rest well my friend.

  10. Christopher Okunkpolor

    Gus what a big shock to hear that our able brother friend, man of the people, man of wisdom@ wisdom, a, great leader, of this generation.
    It is sad ,very sad we will miss you dearly
    May your soul rest in perfect peace with the our God till we meet again in the God’s paradise
    Ncab has lost a hero
    Form Elder Chris Okunkpolor and families

  11. Chris Okunkpolor

    Gus what a big shock to hear that our able brother friend, man of the people, man of wisdom@ wisdom, a, great leader, of this generation.
    It is sad ,very sad we will miss you dearly
    May your soul rest in perfect peace with the our God till we meet again in the God’s paradise
    Ncab has lost a hero
    Form Elder Chris Okunkpolor and families

  12. Joseph Bala Gandu

    Gus, your departure was so soon so shocking but, I guess, you accomplished your mission on earth !
    Thank you for your contributions to Nigeria Friendship Society, Nigeria Community Association Bradford and many other local and national organisations that were fortunate to have you as a member. You were a wonderful source of information and inspiration. Excelled in organising and driving for positive change for the benefit of all. Full of wisdom and always committed to engagements. You were truly a man of the people ! Your legacy lives on and you will be missed so badly by your family and friends. May Almighty God give your family the strength to bear your departure. I will miss the little debates we used to have, seeing the smiles and puzzles in your face. May Almighty God grant your gentle soul eternal rest, until our spirits meet again… 🙏

    1. Olanrewaju fakunle

      It is sad to hear that you are no more Mr Gus Ibegbuna. A dear friend and dynamic leader. Your legacy shall always remain. The last chat we both exchanged was on 6th of May 2022. No-one ever knew that the call is around the corner.

      You are a gem. You will always be remembered for all your good deeds and intentions.

      On behalf of the National Association of Nigerian Communities in United Kingdom (NANC). We thank God for a life well spent. We strongly believe that you are now at the right place. A place where we will meet one day, but will part no more.

      May God console and strengthen the families and friends left behind. Adieu brother.

      Lanre Fakunle
      on behalf of NANC,UK.

  13. Dr. Aaron Okorie

    Gus, you have left us. You are at peace. A true Nigerian you were. I worked with you as the treasure of Nigerian Friendship Society (NIF). You took me further to the wider Nigeria Umbrella organisation here in the UK. Your presence was huge. A dear friend you were and all that know you will miss you.
    May your soul rest in perfect peace and may our Lord God give your family the fortitude to bear your loss.

  14. Ernest Nmerukini

    Rest in peace my dear friend. I will miss you greatly. I felt bad when I heard that you were gone. I couldn’t even go to work. I couldn’t concentrate for 3 days because of the shock. I pray your family will bear the loss and remember you for a great community person you were.

  15. Mrs Marian Olonade-Taiwo

    Gus, you are gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. Words fall short of expressing my sorrow for your loss. May your soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.

  16. Louisa Jean-Pierre

    On behalf of the Dominica Association of Bradford, we would like to convey sincere condolences to your family. We appreciate your invaluable support over the years, Rest in Eternal Peace

  17. Although I am not from the Nigerian community I valued my friend and fellow person with diabetes Gus and was very shocked and saddened by his passing. Gus had the biggest personality and his passion for addressing the health inequalities of Nigerian and all minority ethnic communities is second to none. I look forward to celebrating his life and he will never be forgotten.

  18. Mathias N. Egba

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the C. Augustine Ibegbuna family. May the good Lord keep our brother “GUS” under his wings as he begins to navigate this new existence. Our prayers are with your family.

  19. May your soul rest in perfect and everlasting peace.You were a shining light and exemplary in your endeavours within and outside our community. You will be a hard act to follow in every respect. Rest at the bosom of our Lord.
    Pat – Woji

  20. Mr Gus you will be missed by by all us, thank you 🙏 you did lot for the community RIP 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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