About Us

Nigerian Community Association Bradford (NCAB) is a charity organisation based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. NCAB was founded in 1991 by a group of Nigerians living in Bradford to share ideas and work cooperatively to better Nigerians' lives in Bradford.

Why We Exist

As a charity, NCAB exists to provide support for all Nigerians; by birth, descent, ancestry, marriage, naturalisation, affiliation, etc., in Bradford to have a common voice and to become an advocate of their respective area, as well as be good ambassadors of NCAB and Nigeria at large. NCAB is also a social inclusion charity that serves Nigerians of all ages, gender and sexuality, as well as religious backgrounds to reach their full potential for the socio- economic well-being of Bradford city and NCAB.

What We Do

NCAB organises spectacular events, such as immigration seminars, property seminars, youth programs, Independence Day celebrations, Christmas parties, and food share programs. These are enormous opportunities for members to benefit from and also network with other members to create long-lasting personal and business relationships.

NCAB works closely with the Nigerian High Commission and the National Association of Nigerian Communities in London. The Bradford city council also supports NCAB.

Being a registered member is an excellent way to connect with other members and be an integral part of the positive things we do at NCAB.